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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Top leaders of an organization are not tasked with day-to-day operations management, but with long-term strategic positioning. They need to consider “what’s next”, setting the overall direction of the enterprise to prepare for, rather than react to, future change. Effective strategic planning is what sets apart true leader in the physician segment of healthcare.

Strategic planning is recommended when there is dynamic change with regard to the overall healthcare environment, competition, payers, and supply and demand of staff members. Strategic planning services should be engaged in order to consider and plan for the environmental elements that are impacting the physician practice. These services should be considered on regular basis, and Physician Alignment offers integration of the goals established via strategic planning.

While many consulting firms are comprised of life-long consultants with no operational and organizational leadership experience, Physician Alignment is comprised of industry executives and actual operators that have worked full-time setting strategy for large physician organizations, and then aligning organizational operations with those strategies.

Strategic Planning is establishing the overall goals of the organization in several key areas:

(1) Governance and leadership;

(2) Finance, revenue cycle, and payer relationships;

(3) Human capital deployment, compensation and benefits;

(4) Operations, efficiency, services access planning;

(5) Business development, referring physician management, marketing/branding, management of competition;

(6) Information systems planning, EMR, use of business and clinical technology.


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