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Physician Alignment Advisory Services

Our advisory services are designed to facilitate the development of potential strategies that may be pursued by a physician practice or health system. Physician Alignment has developed a process for developing viable options, and then selecting the best option that brings the highest likelihood of future success.

In addition to developing the best strategies, Physician Alignment offers operational consulting support – such that the physician practice can improve its operation and appeal to potential partners prior to a transaction. Optimizing physician and staff efficiency, improving asset utilization, improving revenue cycle, and similar pursuits are considered.

Coding & Documentation

Let us help ensure you are accurately capturing correct code levels based on the true complexity of your patient encounters.

Fractional CFO/Controller Services

We assist companies in using their financial information to manage effectively through understandable and user-friendly reporting and interpretation of financial results.

Physician Alignment

Compensation design will be based on fair market valuation and alignment with practice objectives and is split into three categories...

Practice Management

Our market differentiation is our expertise, our time spent in the field serving as practice leaders for both small and large multispecialty practices.

Revenue Cycle Optimization

At Paragon, we say that the revenue cycle begins when the patient calls to make an appointment. This process does not allow for any mistakes.

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning is what sets apart true leader in the physician segment of healthcare. It's paramount to consider "what's next"...

Transaction Services

Paragon has direct practical experience in leading physician practices, health systems, and working with capital partners...