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10 Sep
Improving Your Practice’s Financial Performance

The levers to pull for performance improvement in a medical practice, regardless of ownership, are visually indicated below. By evaluating the performance of the levers, one can develop a performance improvement plan that will generally yield financial improvement that is a multiple of the cost of execution.

Our practice financial assessment focuses on the above areas and provides a high-level roadmap to improvement. We then use this roadmap to execute the change in the identified areas for significant financial improvement.

10 Sep
Effectiveness: The Five C’s of Provider Access

Provider access can be accomplished by increasing the number of providers or increasing the effectiveness of the existing providers. Our approach to provider access is to assess each of the above areas for improvement. This approach is not meant to imply increased provider hours but instead identifies improvement in each area to provide a foundation for sustainable provider access enhancement.

We have developed a variance analysis to pinpoint improvement at the provider level. We use the analysis in individual discussions with each provider to assist them in increasing their access, resulting in financial improvement at the system level.